Ticket Resale

* Ticket Scalping Warning *
Ticket Fairy Resale is the only safe way to handle ticket transfers. Follow the below steps carefully to avoid being targeted.

Buying someone’s ticket?

The seller logs into Ticket Fairy, selects their order under My Tickets, then enters your email address. Ticket Fairy will send you an email with a link through to the official, secure ticket page. Once you have purchased the tickets through the secure payment gateway, you’ll be sent completely new tickets and QR codes to your email. The original buyers tickets are cancelled and refunded by Ticket Fairy automatically.


Selling your ticket?

If you have found a buyer, you may sell your tickets at face value only.

Login to Ticket Fairy, go to My Tickets and next to your order you’ll find the option to SELL TICKET. Enter the new buyers email address to send them an invitation to buy. Once the new buyer has completed checkout, Ticket Fairy will email you with your refund details.


I don’t have a buyer?

Once the event sells out, you may also opt to sell to the ‘waiting list’.

Ticket Fairy will match you with a new buyer anonymously, usually within a couple of days! You’ll be emailed once someone has purchased your ticket, with details of your automatic refund.

Never transfer money via bank deposit or paypal. 

Any issues or queries, please contact [email protected]

NOTE: All tickets must match the name on your ID. If you want to give or sell your ticket to a friend you can change the name through the Ticket Fairy resale, if you can no longer attend the festival you can also use this platform to sell to someone on the waitlist. There will be no name changes on the gate.