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Important Info

Planning your R&A? Here is what you need to know.

1. Wrist Band Top Ups - Preload funds onto your wristbands. Don't queue twice for a beer...Top up nowOpen. Online top ups close at 12pm Dec 28 2023, after that onsite top ups only! Leftover money claims will close on Jan 31 2024!

2. Plan Your Transport Before & After The Show - R&A is about 15 minutes out of Wanaka, in the Cardrona Valley. Buses to Queenstown must be pre-booked, you cannot book onsite. Taxis can be super expensive, and could cost up to 4-5 times more than you'd normally pay. Book your bus here.Open

3. ID & Tickets - Your ticket MUST match your ID. If it doesn't please contact support@ticketfairy.comOpen!

4. Precycling - Please be mindful of what you bring in! Remove as much plastic, cardboard, filler packaging before coming to the festival. Everything that comes to R&A has to be carted away again, so we can turn the land back into a working farm. Dumping your rubbish is not allowed or accepted anywhere on planet earth. Bring a reuseable water bottle as we have water fill up stations on site.

5. Horoia ō ringarinhga! If you're sick, stay home. Wash your hands. If you have COVID symptoms, take a RAT test and isolate if you're positive.

6. Be Prepared For The Hot & Cold Weather - The Stunning Cardrona Valley is breathtaking, iconic, beautiful and mountainous. The sun is hot and the nights are chilly. You need sunscreen by day and warm layers for the wee hours.

7. Look After Your Mates - We want everyone to come for a good time and leave with a grin. Look out for your friends, and if you need any help, find one of our crew, staff & angels. We are all here to make sure R&A is safe and fun for everyone.

8. The Don'ts - Prohibited items will be confiscated. Please don't make us take away your lovely things! Leave them at home. See the list here - remember, no glass means no perfume bottles, no mirrors, no glass food containers. If in doubt, leave it out.

9. FREE BIG MAC IF YOU TAKE YOUR TENT HOME WITH YOU ON THE 1ST! 🍔 Show your tent at the @rhythmandalps exit and get a voucher for a Big Mac.