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Vendor Village

Our vendor village is packed with delicious and tasty food options to keep you sustained throughout the festival. R&A also offers three bars and good range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage to keep you hydrated for the duration of R&A.

Food & Essentials


Food Vendors

Pizza, pasta, burgers, tacos, drinks, fries and more. Our vendors are wide, varied and guaranteed to keep the hanger away.

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The Playhouse

Need a break out zone, some zen space, somewhere to recharge then visit the playhouse. With a range of activities including yoga.


Camp Shop

Looking for R&A merch, sunblock, sunnies or other essentials? We've got you covered.


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Speights Bar

We are bringing Speights back for another year and this time they are owning the main bar, located opposite the Alpine Stage!

Find Speights Here

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If you're looking to up your R&A experience, then a VIP ticket is the way to go. Enjoy our luxe VIP bar and VIP cocktail bar all in the comfort of our VIP lounge.

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Campground Bar

Everyone loves our Campground party. And you'll find you'll find a bunch of delicious refreshments at our Campground bar.

Speights Tavern

Keep an eye out for The Speights Tavern, located near the Sonarchy Stage.

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Watermelon red bull

Red Bull

A long-time partner of R&A. RB brings infrastructure and support behind the scenes of the event. From DJ set up, fridges, shade cover and, of course, their trade mark RB. This year RB will be showcasing their new watermelon flavour. AWOP, RB and surprise and delight moments will be happening for some lucky people. The AWOP stations will have RB fridges stocked with their flavours, and the staff will surprise extra lovely people with drinks!

Find Red Bull Here

Gordons Gin Soda


Ask for Gordon’s at the bar. We have some refreshing Gin & Soda’s available in two deliciously fruity flavours. Choose between Gordon’s Topical Passionfruit and our Premium Pink, the perfect mix of sweet strawberry and tarty redcurrant. Dive into a cold gin and enjoy the zest of life.

Find Gordon’s Here

Speights Summit Ultra


Our mates at Speights are back again this year, and they're bringing along with them the Speights Summit Ultra. A refreshing golden lager with a crisp finish. Brewed for longer it has 75% less carbs than the average carb content of leading NZ beer brands. The perfect pairing for a hot summer day ringing in the New Year.

Find Speights Here

Smirnoff Voda Sodas


Smirnoff is inviting every flavour of friend to R&A, where people can express their most authentic versions of themselves. We spark. We vibe. We celebrate. We Do We.

Smirnoff Soda is crisp and full of flavour made with signature Smirnoff Vodka and soda water with less than 2.5 grams of sugar per 100ml. Enjoy Smirnoff Soda in three delicious flavours, Cranberry and Apple, Pineapple and Lime and of course, our Peach and Lime- which you can sip on stage side at R&A 2023!

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